The issues
What do we care about?

We care about Cannington. The results of the initial questionnaire showed that there were some recurring topics:-

  • Housing and the Environment (in particular flooding)
  • Highways
  • Community, Recreation and Leisure
  • Commercial
  • Education

These were the initial topics we chose to investigate.

There were many positives from the questionnaire. People like living here. They like the village atmosphere, the local services (shops/facilities) and green areas.

However there were concerns about housing, speeding traffic and parking as well as the concern that the village could get too big and that it would lose it’s identity.


The overall opinion is that residents don’t want any ‘drastic’ changes to the village. Concerns were raised about the lack of affordable housing and that there could be too much housing development and that would result in the village becoming part of Bridgwater.

Cannington is one of Sedgemoor District Councils Key Rural Settlements and therefore we have to take our proportion of housing growth. However there are things we can do. By producing a Neighbourhood Plan we can determine where any new development goes and what it looks like.


We looked at all the issues raised. Speeding traffic, traffic calming, parking were all areas of concern. All our findings have been passed onto Somerset County Council

Unfortunately we can’t create more parking spaces for existing property but the Neighbourhood Plan can ensure that any new development is designed to include adequate parking. We have however investigated the current situation and have highlighted areas of concern.

Cannington Speed Watch continues to be very active and have increased their awareness campaign.

Community, Recreation and Leisure

There is a strong sense of community within the village. We want to know that there are safe places for children to play. There are many clubs and activities for all ages.


Cannington is lucky to have a variety of shops and pubs. There are many businesses in the area.


Cannington is fortunate to have three main centres of learning in the village. They include Cannington C of E Primary School, Brymore Academy and Bridgwater and Taunton College (Cannington Centre). These centres play an important part of village life and contribute towards the village economy.