Facts & figures

We’ve put together some documents which we hope you’ll find interesting and useful.

    • Key for map of Development Boundary

          • CNE4 – Green wedge, Green edge or Strategic gap
          • RLT1 – Protection of Recreational Open Space
          • BE7 – Open Areas Protected from Development – Villages
          • The orange and green bounded area at Brook Street is BE7
          • Brown boundary shows the Conservation Area.
          • The asterisks indicates a site of archaeological significance.

      If you want a more detailed key please click here

    • Initial Questionnaire
      Every household in the Cannington Parish was asked to complete a questionnaire by the Parish Council. The results of the questionnaire were collated
    • Housing Needs Survey 2018
      Cannington Parish Council requested that Sedgemoor District Council carry out a Housing Need
      Assessment to determine the Housing need in the parish of Cannington. The HNA will provide essential
      information to ascertain what, if any, housing need exists in these parishes..
    • Business survey
      We’re asking local businesses to complete a survey to help us to know their needs in the future
    • National Planning Policy Framework
      The National Planning Policy Framework was published in 2012 and is a key part of the government’s reforms to make the planning system less complex and more accessible
    • Cannington Parish Council
      Cannington is a thriving village. Unlike many places it has retained its true community feel.
    • Environment Agency (Cannington Brook)
      Useful link if you are worried about flooding. The Environment Agency can send you warnings by phone, email or text.
    • Do you have a flood plan?
      Government website to give you advice about preparing for a flood and getting help during and after
    • Sedgemoor District Council Planning
      View details of planning applications in the local area
    • Glossary of Planning Terms
      The nature of the planning system can be complex and be a barrier to people becoming involved, particularly the confusing terminology. Hopefully this glossary, taken from Sedgemoor’s Core Strategy will help
    • MAGIC
      The MAGIC website provides authoritative geographic information about the natural environment from across government. The information covers rural, urban, coastal and marine environments across Great Britain. It is presented in an interactive map which can be explored using various mapping tools that are included. Natural England manages the service under the direction of a Steering Group who represent the MAGIC partnership organisations.
    • Heritage Gateway
    • This website allows you to cross-search over 60 resources, offering local and national information relating to England’s heritage.
    • Flood Maps
      This service allows you to find which flood zone a location is in, as part of land use planning
      Anyone planning a development may need to undertake a more detailed flood risk assessment
    • SDC Local Plan evidence base pages
      The evidence base consists of research reports that underpin the policies of the Development Plan.
    • SDC Local Plan
      The Sedgemoor Local Plan (2011-2032) sets out the policy framework for future development in the District, including provision of housing, employment, retail and other facilities and infrastructure. It was adopted in February 2019.
      The Sedgemoor Local Plan (2011-2032) was formally adopted on the 20th February 2019. It therefore forms part of the development plan for the District and is a main consideration in the determination of planning applications.
    • Housing
      Planning committed and completed
    • Regulation 14 Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012
      Pre-submission consultation and publicity