Consultation events
The Plan’s foundations

We are undertaking a robust programme of community engagement to inform the contents of the Plan under the more generally understood banner of “Consultation events”. Our programme builds on the recent evidence base produced for the major schemes in the area. We are using a variety of traditional and digital communication tools to engage, as far as possible, with everyone who has an interest in the Parish. It is our aim to develop Planning Policies which are based on the results of the Consultation events programme.

Cannington and the surrounding areas have been extensively consulted over the planned development of the third nuclear power station at Hinkley Point (HPC). The development and operation of HPC is expected to have a high impact on our Parish. In 2005 the Cannington Parish Plan was approved. The draft Neighbourhood Plan is building on the Cannington Parish Plan and will take into account new factors such as the western by- pass and the proposed flood alleviation scheme. The Sedgemoor District Council is reviewing its main forward planning framework, the “core strategy”. If approved by a local referendum the Cannington Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the local planning framework which is used by Sedgemoor District Council when considering planning applications. It is vital for the Neighbourhood Plan to be based on firm evidence to ensure it is relevant, realistic and addresses local issues effectively.

Please do make use of the Consultation events/tools to ensure your views help to shape the future of our community.

Brian Stother (Chairman)