Facts & figures

We’ve put together some documents which we hope you’ll find interesting and useful.

  • Map of Cannington Cannington Parish Boundary
  • Map of Cannington Development boundaryKey for map of Development Boundary
    • CNE4 – Green wedge, Green edge or Strategic gap
    • RLT1 – Protection of Recreational Open Space
    • BE7 – Open Areas Protected from Development – Villages
    • The orange and green bounded area at Brook Street is BE7
    • Brown boundary shows the Conservation Area.
    • The asterisks indicates a site of archaeological significance.

    If you want a more detailed key please click here

  • Initial QuestionnaireEvery household in the Cannington Parish was asked to complete a questionnaire by the Parish Council. The results of the questionnaire were collated
  • Housing Needs Survey
    In early 2014, Cannington Parish Council contacted the Sedgemoor District Council Affordable
    Housing Development Team (AFHDT) asking the team to carry-out a housing-need-survey (HNS) of
    local people. This piece of work was intended to help inform the work being carried out in respect of
    the Cannington Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Business survey
    We’re asking local businesses to complete a survey to help us to know their needs in the future
  • National Planning Policy Framework
    The National Planning Policy Framework was published in 2012 and is a key part of the government’s reforms to make the planning system less complex and more accessible
  • Cannington Parish Council
    Cannington is a thriving village. Unlike many places it has retained its true community feel.
  • Parish Plan
  • Cannington Target
  • Environment Agency (Cannington Brook)
    Useful link if you are worried about flooding. The Environment Agency can send you warnings by phone, email or text.
  • Do you have a flood plan?
    Government website to give you advice about preparing for a flood and getting help during and after
  • Sedgemoor District Council Planning
    View details of planning applications in the local area
  • Glossary of Planning terms
    The nature of the planning system can be complex and be a barrier to people becoming involved, particularly the confusing terminology. Hopefully this glossary, taken from Sedgemoor’s Core Strategy will help