Minutes and Agendas
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Our first meeting was held in January 2014 and the following meetings were then every month. Since September we have a meeting every two weeks if possible.

Minutes 6th August 2014
Minutes 3rd September 2014
Minutes 6th October 2014
Minutes 20th October 2014
Minutes 14th November 2014
Minutes 1st December 2014
Minutes 15th December
Agenda January 5th 2015
Minutes January 5th
Agenda January 19th 2015
Draft minutes January 19th
Agenda February 2nd
Draft minutes February 2nd
Agenda March 2nd
Draft minutes March 2nd
Agenda March 16th
Draft minutes 16th March
Agenda 13th April
Draft minutes 13th April
Agenda 27th April
Draft minutes 27th April 2015
Agenda 18th May 2015
Draft minutes 18th May 2015
Agenda 1st June 2015
Draft minutes 1st June 2015
Agenda 15th June 2015
Draft minutes 15th June
Agenda 13th July
Draft minutes 13th July
Agenda 27th July
Draft minutes 27th July (amended)
Agenda 10th August
Draft minutes 10th August
Agenda 24th August
Draft minutes 24th August
Agenda 5th October 2015
Draft minutes 5th October
Agenda 19th October
Draft minutes 2nd November
Agenda 16th November 2015
Draft Minutes 16th November 2015
Agenda 30th November 2015
Draft minutes 30th November
Agenda 14th December 2015
Draft Minutes 14th December 2015
Draft minutes 11th January 2016
Agenda 25th January 2016
Draft Minutes 25th January 2016
Agenda 8th February 2016
Agenda 7th March 2016
Draft Minutes 7th March 2016
Agenda 21st March 2016
Agenda 6th June 2016
Draft minutes 6th June 2016
Agenda 4th July 2016
Draft minutes 20th June 2016
Agenda 18th July 2016
Draft Minutes 4th July 2016
Agenda August 1st 2016
Draft minutes 18th July 2016